Ludovica Grisi della Pie

Ludovica Grisi della Pie

Ludovica created her own advising company in 2011: Vettica consulting focusing primarly on Invesment and Risk Management for top institutional investors.

Also Vettica consulting has been recently appointed by the French Consultat to organise a major art festival in Naples early 2020 between Naples and France.

Ludovica was working as Head of Marketing and Business Development at OTCFin Europe, providing financial technology solutions for institutional investors to streamline asset allocation, risk and performance measurement processes and implement a framework that measures risk adjusted performance.

Before she was Head of institutional international marketing for EIM with over whole responsibilities for worldwide client acquisition.

Prior to that she was with FRANK RUSSELL COMPANY as Managing Director of Institutional Services Providing investment management services and customized investment solutions to some of the largest European institutional and with SOCIETE GENERALE as International Portfolio Manager and Financial Consultant.

In 2011 she founded “The Happy Few” Club in London and in 2012 in Paris.

Ludovica: “The reason why I decided to create “The Happy Few” club was to keep the link with my friends and friends of my friends in this huge country in which you meet so many amazing people that you do not have the chance to see them again. THF is a way to connect, reconnect and keep in touch. Also, it gives the chance to share the most important thing in life: our PASSIONs. Because after all what would be life without passions? It would be so plain and dull.. after all I believe it is the meaning of life!”

Ludovica Grisi della Pie